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World Animal Day: 5 Ways Animals Enhance Our Lives

Do you have a pet in your life? There’s nothing like coming home from school or work and being greeted by your dog or cat. These little creature enhance our lives in many ways, and they deserve all the love and care that we can give them in return. Since October is home to World Animal Day, let’s look at 5 ways that animals enhance our lives.

Meeting Other People

If you’re a little shy, there’s nothing like taking your dog for a walk to meet people and to start some conversations. Other dog owners love to stop and chat. In fact, your dog will probably make the introduction for you as he eagerly starts appraising every other dog he runs into. Even non-dog owners will often ask you what your dog’s name is and if they can pet him.

Heading out to the dog park is another way to find like-minded people that love to talk about their pets and compare notes on dog ownership. If you want to meet friendly people that love animals, adopting a dog is a great way to make it happen.

Giving You a Reason to Get Out of the House
With so many electronic devices in our lives, there are more reasons than ever to just stay indoors and to stare at a computer screen all the time. We’ve got TV and movies at home, of course, but our computer and cell phone screens are grabbing more of our attention all the time, too.

Having a pet that needs to go for regular works is a great way of getting out of the house and at least going on some moderate walks. If you want to get even more exercise, put on some running shoes and go for a jog with your dog. She’ll love the opportunity to stretch out and get some exercise – just be ready for her to occasionally have to stop and examine a tree closely.

Improving Your Mood

We all get down in the dumps occasionally, but our pets have a way of pulling us right back out of it. Anyone that has had a cat hop into her lap and start purring knows how happy pets can make us in moments.

There’s science behind the concept, too. Research has shown that this mood-enhancing quality really exists. Pet owners are generally more cheerful than non-pet owners, and they don’t suffer nearly the same rates of depression or other mental disorders.

Lowering Stress Levels

Another effect that pets have on our minds is that they lower our levels of stress. Sure, there’s occasionally a knocked-over lamp or a mess made in the middle of the living room, but these occasional mild stresses are far outshone by the huge decreases in stress that pets bring to our lives.

Scientists haven’t pinned down exactly what causes the lower levels of stress, but we can guess that it has something to do with the unconditional affection and joy that pets bring to everything they do. How could that not de-stress you?

Overall Better Health

What all of these separate qualities add up to is giving us better health in general. When you have more exercise, less stress, natural mood enhancers and the chance to meet friendly, new people, how could you not be healthier?

Scientists have found that pet owners get sick less often than non-pet owners, and they make less trips to the doctor for accidents and injuries, too. We’re not doctors, but we can highly recommend adopting a pet. You’ll be giving a wonderful animal a home, and you’ll feel great, too!


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