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Supporting Our Local Animal Shelters Through Pet Adoption

Local animal shelters need all the help they can get, and there are lots of ways for you to contribute your time and energy. For example, every shelter appreciates any time you have to volunteer or any donations you can provide. Every minute of care or dollar helps take care of dogs and cats that desperately need our help.

In addition to these highly appreciated methods of helping, there is still another way that you can assist your local shelter is achieving its primary goal: adoption. In the end, every shelter needs families that are willing to adopt cats and dogs.

There’s never been a better time, either. That’s because October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! This could be the perfect time to bring a furry friend into your home. (And just because it’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a cat, too.) Here’s what you should consider before deciding if you can adopt a pet this month.

Time and Finances

Bring a new dog home from the shelter is going to require a time investment in the beginning. You may need to dog-proof your home. You may have a yard that will require a new fence put in. Getting ready to bring a dog home requires time all by itself, but there is also the time that the dog will need once he’s home.

They need to be walked several times a day, and they need a lot of play time and attention, especially in the beginning. You don’t always know what kind of home life your dog experienced before he became part of your family, and it may take some time for him to get fully comfortable in his new life with you.

Adopting a dog will also require a financial investment. Vet bills can occasionally be steep, and you should also calculate what pet food is going to cost on a monthly basis. Make sure that you have the time and the finances in place to bring a dog home before doing so.

Preventing Personality Clashes

One of the main reasons that a pet adoption doesn’t work out is that the dog is more energetic or more aggressive than a family was prepared for. Obedience training can help to some degree, but many dogs will simply be more high-strung and need a family that is willing to work with a high level of energy.

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, get to know her well before signing the papers. You can often visit the shelter several times to make sure that you know everything about her before taking her home. Asking shelter staff for the dog’s history and behavior at the shelter are also good ways to make sure that your personalities will match.

Local Resources For Adoption

In order to find the right pet for you and your family, take a look at the following list of resources. They will point you to your best local options in pet adoption.

A.D.O.P.T. is a no-kill shelter that has been working in Naperville for over 15 years. In that time, they have helped find homes for over 20,000 pets. A.D.O.P.T. never puts any animals down while they search for homes for these loving pets.

Humane societies are groups that work to end animal cruelty and suffering, in addition to finding homes for pets. The Naperville Area Humane Society is a non-profit organization that continues this mission locally.

Angels on Wheels works in the suburbs of Chicago to find homes for pets that have been abandoned by their owners. The program works with temporary foster homes while it searches for “forever homes” for every cat and dog it comes across.

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