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National Walk Your Dog Week: Make Walking Fun with These Free Pet Apps

When we think of the many benefits that come with owning a dog, “free exercise” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Snow, sleet, rain or shine – our dogs never cease the desire to experience what each new day has on tap for them, whether their owner wants to put on those rain boots and tag along – or not. While many of us look forward to our daily walks with our pup, some may need an extra boost. For those that may need a little more incentive to get off the couch and get moving with their pup, there’s a multitude of free apps on your mobile device now available for your walking pleasure.

Family Dog

Similar to many running or exercise apps already on the market, this app allows you to GPS your route, time and distance of your walk. Different than the rest, Family Dog offers a social media approach to connect with friends and families while walking, and creating a friendly competition while you’re at it! You can create a profile for both yourself and your dog, and after you track your trek on an interactive map, collect your earned family dog points! Every Sunday, points are totaled, Gold, Liver, and Bronze winners are designated, and the highest achievements are awarded to those who have walked the most in the past 7 days!

Walk For a Dog

Created by WoofTrax, Inc., this app is made for the philanthropist who wants to make more of their walk in the park. This app will donate to the animal shelter of your choice every time you take a walk with your dog. Non-profits are supported by community efforts, and this app is no different. The more people involved and actively using the app, the greater the donation made to your shelter of choice. While keeping everything free for the app user, WalkForaDog also creates an easy option to make direct monetary or supply donations of any amount to shelters in urgent need.

Map My Dog Walk

Here is an app collaboration at its finest. Subaru has teamed up with MapMyFitness, a mobile based training app for fitness enthusiasts to track their workouts, to create this one of a kind app with their furry friend in mind. App owners can track and store their walking routes in a global database that can be searched to find other walkers and their four legged friends, too. The app provides special features such as a fitness calculator and listings and information on upcoming local dog events to boot!


This app is for the organized note takers. While it provides features such as recording each route taken and length of walks, it goes the extra step by recording the literally dirty details as well. BarkByte allows you to record when and where the last number one and two were taken, which is a great added feature for those who are training puppies. Logging all activities in one place – bathroom breaks, walks, naps and playtime – creates a simple and effective way to share information for pet sitters to follow. Not only can the sitter receive this information upon your departure, but they can pick up where you left off while you’re away, so you can ensure your beloved pup stays on their routine.

With rising popularity, there is no shortage of apps that can make owning a dog a more interactive experience with fellow canine lovers. The only way to make the most of that daily stride is to get up, grab the leash, and get moving!

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