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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Most pet owners feel like their pets are members of their family, and therefore deserve to participate in holiday celebrations. Since giving well-deserved and well-received gifts to others is one of the greatest joys of the season, it can be fun to include your pet. However, like regular gift giving, this too can prove challenging as one wonders what to get their furry companion. Following are some great, last minute gift ideas for pets:

● Chuckit! Pro. Many dog owners have fallen in love with the Chuckit! Pro simply because it makes fetch much easier, fun and convenient. Not only does the Chuckit! Pro allow an owner to throw the ball three times further than they can manually, it allows an owner to pick up the drool-covered ball without actually touching it. It’s also inexpensive, retailing for around $10.

● Thundershirt. The Thundershirt is designed to help anxious dogs relax by comfortably squeezing their torso. This cuddling action keeps dogs of all ages and breeds feeling calm and confident, helping both the dog and their owner through difficult situations. The Thundershirt retails for around $40.

● Nite Ize LED Dog Ball. The Nite Ize ball fits most dog launchers, making it a perfect toy for late night and early morning games of fetch. It retails for around $10.

● Bungee Ball. Two toy tennis balls tethered together by a stretchy nylon cord make up the Bungee Ball. It can create a more exciting game of fetch, or allow for a gentle game of tug-of-war. It retails for around $20.

● Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl. This bowl has five separate compartments that force dogs to use their paws, nose and tongue in order to reach all the food. It helps dogs to eat more slowly, which improves their digestion and creates a sense of calm during feeding time. It can also stimulate their mind by forcing them to problem solve. It retails for around $40.

● Auto Refilling Dog Bowl. This bowl attaches to walls and the garden hose, refilling when necessary so that your dog always has access to fresh, clean water. It retails for around $25.

● Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Puzzle. This puzzle is wonderful for calmly stimulating your dog for hours, forcing them to focus on moving pegs on the boards in order to receive treats. It retails for around $24.

● Tuffy Dinosaur Indestructible Dog Toy. This toy is perfect for dogs that love to play rough. It is constructed of multiple layers of safe, non-toxic fibers, making it virtually indestructible. It retails for around $55.

● Canines for Veterans Toy Gift Bucket. This metal bucket is not only filled with a wonderful assortment of dog toys and treats, a portion of its purchase price is donated to the Canines for Veterans organization. It retails for around $44.

● Bubbletastic. The Bubbletastic bubble machine has bacon scented bubbles, and allows your dog to play for hours while you save your breath. It retails for around $25.

● Everlasting Treat Ball. This treat ball will challenge your dog for hours as he attempts to get to the treat inside. It retails for around $15.

● Ultrasoft Sherpa Blanket. This soft, warm blanket is perfect for dogs to cuddle up on, and is easily cleaned after use. It retails for around $30.

● Dinosaur Nylabone. This long-lasting chew toy can help improve your dog’s dental health and it works to gently clean teeth and gums. It comes in three different dinosaur shapes, and is relatively inexpensive, retailing for around $3.

● Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Toy. This fun, challenging toy can occupy your dog for hours, either alone or with you. It retails for around $8.

● Zoomgroom. This pet groomer not only helps to detangle your dog’s coat, it also stimulates capillaries and natural oil production to help your dog’s coat look and feel better. It retails for around $6.

● Pawz Dog Boot. Dogs are often uncomfortable walking in the raw and snow, and considering how soft and sensitive their paw pads are, it’s quite understandable. The rubber Pawz Dog Boots cover your pet’s feet in order to keep them warm and dry. They retail for around $12.

These are just some of the amazing gifts you can give your dog, a trip to a local pet shop may yield even more wonderful ideas. Whatever you treat your dog with this holiday season, he’s sure to love it.

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