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The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

To keep your furry friends happy and healthy, it is important to take care of their dental needs. Continue reading to find out more about the importance of dental care for your pets.

Your pet can’t tell you if they are in pain, while they may give clues, cats and dogs are actually very good at hiding the problem. To avoid unnecessary suffering for your furry friends, it is important to take care of their teeth. Below, you will learn the importance of oral hygiene for your family pets.


Dental Care Improves Your Pet’s Overall Health and Saves Money


By regularly caring for your pet’s teeth, you are avoiding deeper dental problems and other health issues. By stopping the problem before it starts, you are able to avoid larger vet bills in the future. As you may know, visits to the vet can become extremely costly.

If left unchecked, tooth issues can lead to extreme dental pain and can also cause a host of other health problems. If you pet is in pain, they may, for example, have trouble eating and sleeping, thus negatively impacting his or her overall health. Periodontal issues can even lead to heart problems in your dog or cat.

Pets Are Tough On Teeth


Eating, playing, and even grinding can wear out your pet’s teeth quicker than you may think. Just like humans, pets also accumulate harmful plaque and bacteria in their mouth. By staying on top of dental care for your dog or cat, you can keep them happy and healthy.

Additionally, losing a tooth is extremely painful for animals, and can often be easily avoided through regular dental checkups and cleanings. It is also recommended that you clean your pet’s teeth at home at least three times per week.

Know The Signs and Symptoms of Pain


Even if you are vigilant about your pet’s veterinary visits, you should still learn the signs and symptoms associated with dental pain. Visibly worn teeth, strange behavior, and inability to eat are a few of the unfortunate symptoms of tooth issues or periodontal disease in your pet. If your cat or dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

To learn more about the importance of oral hygiene for your animals, feel free to browse our website or contact us today for more information.

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