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How Your Life Changes After Adopting a Shelter Pet

Have you ever considered adopting a shelter pet but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right choice for you? Maybe you are concerned that a shelter pet may have physical or behavioral problems due to prior life conditions you may never learn about, and you aren’t sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for these potentially complex needs. Maybe you are really set on adopting a very specific breed or age of pet, and trips to the shelter have confirmed for you that you won’t find what you really want. You may have decided to adopt the exact breed of pet you want from a licensed breeder, but feel daunted by the financial prospects of doing so. It may be time to open your heart and mind to the idea that adopting a shelter pet, even if they aren’t the exact breed or age you thought you wanted, can be one of the most fulfilling, wonderful experiences you could ever hope to have, and it can change your life in many wonderful ways you never even dreamed of.

Adopting a Shelter Pet

Shelters across our country are filled with millions of pets who are waiting to find their forever homes. Unfortunately, while adopting shelter pets has become increasingly popular in recent years, the sad truth is that there are still far too many that are never adopted or who spend far too long waiting. Shelters that have space and budget issues, like county animal shelters, often have no choice but to eliminate excess population by humanely euthanizing surrendered, unclaimed and unadopted animals. As sad as this is to consider, it’s even worse when one realizes that many of these animals are young and full of love and life–and deserve so much more than a life that comes to a premature end due to space issues, or a life in a cage.

Considering that shelters have pets of all different breeds, ages, sizes and personalities, it is fair to assume that there is one out there that can be the perfect match for any family. That said, it can take time and patience to find them–and walking into a shelter once may not yield the desired results. However, when you do finally find the perfect pet for you, you may very well be surprised. Because far more than simply adding a whimsical, fun, entertaining and dependent pet to your life, adopting a shelter pet provides one with the opportunity to significantly change their life.

Pets in general can provide their owners with love and companionship, they can help their owners deal with stress and anxiety in their lives, and they can help them to overcome loneliness and feel more optimistic about their lives. Additionally, pets can help their owners on a physical level–reducing blood pressure in adults and the incidence of allergies and asthma in children, improving health in those who have suffered a heart attack, relieving depression and encouraging nurturing behavior. It is for this reason that many health professionals highly recommend bringing a pet into one’s life. But there are still other ways that adopting a shelter pet can change your own and your pet’s lives.

When you adopt a shelter pet, you are definitely saving their life–and both of you know it. This means that shelter pets tend to bond very deeply with their adoptive owners, and this can deepen the incredible love that pets and their owners have for one another, greatly enhancing both their lives. Shelter pets offer their owners unconditional love, and they don’t complain or expect very much from their owners, since their adoption has handled two very basic needs: shelter and care. Shelter pets are also often highly intelligent, providing their owners with an opportunity to teach them fun and interesting tricks, which makes it incredibly hard for owners to feel bored or lonely.

Your adopted shelter pet won’t hold grudges against you, and will simply adore being in your presence. They won’t judge or resent you for any of your life choices, which means that they will provide unfailing support–no matter in what direction your life leads you.

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