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How to Avoid Dog Fights While Walking Your Dog

You want to take your beloved, four-legged friend for a walk. No-brainer. Right? Well, not exactly. It is important that you frequently walk your dog, and it can even be an opportunity to catch a breath of fresh air for yourself. However, there is a good chance of encountering another dog on your walk. And, while this could result in a new doggy pal, there is always the chance of aggression between dogs. Here’s how to make sure the latter doesn’t happen.

Avoiding dog fights begins with properly training your dog. While training is not the purpose of this post, it is always worth mentioning. If you have raised an unruly dog, especially an aggressive one, you are obviously more likely to have experiences like this. Making sure that you have trained your dog to be obedient and friendly is first and foremost to avoiding dog fights. This includes fostering positive social interaction around 6-8 weeks of age.

The Importance of Leashing Your Dog

Now, let’s assume that your dog is reasonably well mannered. Your first line of defense is to walk your dog on a leash when in populated areas. In fact, it never really hurts to have your dog on a leash, even if you’re taking a stroll through open country. If your dog is unleashed, a moment with your back turned and accidental eye contact between dogs is all it takes for it to run off. You can prevent this by simply leashing your dog before going for your walk.

So you remembered to bring a leash. Is there anything else you should have with you? We recommend that you bring along something to help ward off another dog in the event of an attack. This could be a walking stick, a cane, or even an umbrella. In fact, despite not being as sturdy as the other options, an umbrella has the added advantage of being able to open and block the sight of an attacking dog. Also, carrying a dog whistle or another object used to make noise is a great way to deter any aggressive activity.

Finally, we would recommend that you simply know your surroundings. Granted, if you’re in a new neighborhood, it may take a little while to get this figured out. But, it always pays to know if there are aggressive dogs in the area, if at all possible.

We love our dogs. We want them to be happy and healthy. Walking them on a regular basis is a great way to ensure this. But, always go prepared. Following these simple recommendations is a great way to guarantee a safe walking experience.

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