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Best Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

Owning and caring for a dog can bring a lot of satisfaction into your life. Not only is it very satisfying to be able to care for another living thing, but a dog’s genuine devotion to their master is very fulfilling. Whatever your specific reasons for owning a dog, there are also many additional benefits that few individuals may even know about.

Best Benefits of Dog Ownership

One of the best benefits of being a dog owner is that you will tend to exercise far more often. Dogs need regular exercise outdoors, and while you may come home feeling tired and desiring to skip your own daily exercise needs, one look at your dog can push you to give him, and you, the walk that’s really needed. Simply walking your dog for thirty minutes every day can go far to help improve your own health. Additionally, taking your dog for regular walks every day may serve to improve your social life, as people are more likely to stop and talk with you. You may also choose to take your dog to a local dog park or on errands, and perfect strangers will happily strike up a conversation with you about your dog.

Another benefit of dog ownership is the reduction of stress. Individuals who are able to pet and play with a canine companion at the end of the day can help reduce stress hormones and more easily relax.

Many individuals have discovered that owning a dog can improve their health and even literally save their life. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, and can detect cancerous cells in the body. It has happened that dogs have sniffed, licked or nudged spots on their owner’s body that later turned out to be cancerous. Early detection can, of course, lead to greater chances of full recovery. Studies have also shown that the simple action of petting a dog can lower a person’s heart rate, in turn aiding the individual in having a healthier heart. Some research has even indicated that dog owners are more likely to survive a heart attack than non-dog owners. Furthermore, children who are raised in a home with at least one dog often have fewer allergies, as they develop increased immunity to pet allergens early in their lives.

Dog owners often benefit from improved mental health as a result of caring for and spending time with their canine companion. Caring for a dog can help relieve the symptoms of depression, drawing the individual out of his own difficult feelings and emotions and encouraging him to be more positive in his thoughts and actions. Dog ownership has also proven to aid individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, as it has been found that Alzheimer’s patients tend to have fewer outbursts if there is a dog in their home. Caregivers notice that there routinely appears to be less stress and more pleasant companionship when a dog is introduced to elderly patients.

When an individual owns a dog, they tend to experience far fewer health problems than an individual who doesn’t own a dog. They often have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and since dogs will expose their owners to a lot of germs, they can help build up their owner’s immune system and make them more immune to disease.

Finally, dog owners tend to feel safer. After all, there is no doubt that dogs can be an extremely effective home security system, both alerting intruders of their presence as well as warning their owner in the event of threats or danger. Studies have shown that barking dogs effectively deter burglars, and an owner who knows this can feel a greater sense of security.

Owning a Dog

Dogs are a big responsibility, and it’s very true that they can sometimes create stress through their actions and mannerisms. However, dogs can also provide countless benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks, and with proper training and care even these drawbacks can be greatly reduced.

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