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Animal Healthcare PC Participating in Loaves and Fishes Food Drive

While most individuals view the holiday season as a time to celebrate everything that they are thankful for, the truth is that many families suffer from insufficient income, devastating illnesses, debilitating injuries or other conditions that then force them to go without even their most basic needs. According to Feeding America, more than forty-eight million Americans across the country lived in what is considered a “food insecure” home in 2014. This amounts to a stunning fourteen percent of our entire country’s population who do not possess sufficient food so that they can lead normal, healthy lives. These individuals must then rely upon the generosity of others in order to receive the sustenance they need. This is the entire reason that Loaves and Fishes was established.

About the Loaves and Fishes Food Drive

Loaves and Fishes believes that ample food is a basic human right, not a privilege. With the help of generous donations from more than one thousand volunteers and support organizations, Loaves and Fishes is able to ensure more individuals are afforded this basic right, as they distribute more than sixty thousand pounds of food to about six hundred different families in the Naperville, Illinois and surrounding areas each and every week. Animal Healthcare P.C. has long supported their efforts with an annual food drive to benefit Loaves and Fishes.

Last year, Animal Healthcare P.C., with the help of clients and neighbors, donated three hundred eighty-six pounds of food to Loaves and Fishes, their best year ever. This year, they aim to surpass that and collect at least five hundred pounds of food for Loaves and Fishes by the end of December. As a special incentive, Animal Healthcare P.C. will enter donating individuals into a drawing to receive a free veterinary consultation. A donation of anywhere between one to five pounds of food or $1 to $5 will yield one entry, while a donation of ten pounds of food or $10 will yield two entries, a donation of fifteen pounds of food or $15 will yield three entries, and so on.

Currently, the most needed items include white pasta, white rice, dry soups, premium ready-to-eat soups, canned prepared meals, dried fruit, sugar, flour, cereal, oatmeal, spaghetti sauce, whole grain pasta, quinoa, canned beans, pork ‘n beans, mandarin oranges, pineapple, elbow macaroni, cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth and baking supplies. There is a low supply of beverages, juices, condiments, mac and cheese and crackers. They are currently well stocked with green beans, pumpkin, cranberry, tuna, canned black beans and tuna.

In addition to donations of human food, donations of women’s personal care products, household products, gas cards and pet food are also greatly needed. Absolutely no donation is too small; every single donation makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. To learn more about Loaves and Fishes, or about how one can help by donating time, food or money to this organization, visit their website at

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