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Animal Healthcare PC Holds Halloween Pet Costume Contest

Many individuals find themselves at a loss for words to describe how important their pet is to them. While it’s quite clear that pets are entirely dependent upon their human friends for food, shelter, protection, entertainment, healthcare and love, it could be said that many people are just as dependent upon their pets. Pets can provide companionship, comfort, love and even much-needed comic relief. Their warmth can be comforting when one is ill or upset, their unspoken and unwavering love and devotion can be heartwarming and their goofy antics can be very helpful and relieving. Pets can be soothing after a long, stressful day, they can help to occupy one’s attention when distraction is necessary, and there can be a definite sense of satisfaction in successfully maintaining a pet’s health and happiness. Dedicated pet owners will often go above and beyond in order to ensure the good health and care of their pet, especially since this will also ensure that their pet will continue to be around to “take care” of them.

Since your four-legged friends are an important part of your family and your life, this often means that you will look for as many opportunities as possible to include your pets in many of your daily activities, as well as any special activities. This obviously means that pets are an important and normal part of holiday festivities, including Halloween celebrations. Indeed one may wonder that if people enjoy dressing up in Halloween costumes and participating in fun Halloween activities, why can’t their pets also join in the fun?

Most pet owners relish the opportunity to dress their furry pal up in their favorite silly, scary or adorable Halloween costume, and show them off to others. This is not only great fun for pet owners themselves, but for other individuals as well. There is just no way to describe how fun it is to see a puppy sporting a superhero costume, a dog dressed as a dapper businessman, or a tiny kitten snuggled into a banana suit. But what is even more fun than dressing up your furry pal in your favorite silly, scary or adorable Halloween costume? How about winning valuable pet care for the best pet costume?

Winning Pet Care for the Best Costume

This year Animal Healthcare PC, located at 471 75th Street in Naperville, Illinois, held our annual Halloween pet costume contest from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on October 30th and 31st. Dozens of dogs and cats dressed in their Halloween finest paraded through the clinic, each one vying for the opportunity to win the valuable grand prize as the best-costumed pet. As part of the Halloween festivities and in addition to the costume contest dogs were treated to homemade dog bones and their human friends enjoyed delicious cookies. Pets who couldn’t make it for the event but who still wanted a chance at winning the grand prize submitted photos of their Halloween costumes by email.

All of the pets that participated in this fun event made a great showing, and every costume was truly fantastic. Unfortunately as occurs in all contests, there could only be one winner, and the decision was a hard one. All of the costumes were carefully reviewed for uniqueness and overall presentation. After lengthy deliberations the grand prize of an annual vet examination, as well as rabies and distemper shots was awarded to Dakota Badgley – a Labrador retriever who looked fantastic in his costume as a hockey player. Congratulations to Dakota and his family – and we look forward to seeing many more wonderful costumes next year!

Check out our pics from the contest:






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