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7 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

There are two types of people in the world: those that have a loving dog in their family, and those that should! Okay, okay. There are people out there that don’t have the space in their homes or the time needed to devote to a dog, and they should probably hold off on adopting a pet.

But for those of you that do have the time and space, but are potentially on the fence, what are you waiting for? October is the American Humane Society’s Adopt-a-Dog Month, so there’s never been a better time. Here are seven reasons that you should adopt a dog!

1. A Dog Can be Your Best Friend

When it comes to loyal best friends, no one can compare to a dog. They will always be happy to see you when you come through the door, and they’re always excited to see you get up in the morning. A dog is hands-down the best friend you could have.

2. Dogs are Always Ready to Go Exercise

Trying to get a friend or spouse to go exercising with you can be a tough proposition. Us humans are prone to fits of extreme laziness. Dogs, on the other hand, are always ready to go for a run. In fact, once you get into a routine, they’ll probably meet you at the door with the leash.

3. They’re Ready to Protect Your Home

All dogs have a natural tendency to protect their homes and their families. Just by having a dog at home that is interested in who is passing through the neighborhood, your home is that much safer. Potential burglars are also much less likely to go anywhere near a home that has a dog in it.

4. Children Love to Play With Dogs

Most of us can remember growing up with dogs at home. They are the friendliest, most interactive pet in the world. Children love dogs, and adopting one will make you a superhero in the eyes of your kids.

5. Dogs Make Family Events Even More Fun

Going camping or heading out on a boating trip is already fun, but taking your dog with you makes it even better. Dogs are always ready to play Frisbee or go swimming (well, most of them, at least.) Any time you’re heading out for a fun family event, having your dog with you will make it even more of an event to remember.

6. They’re Natural Pick-Me-Ups

We all have our bad days. Maybe you were stuck in traffic for even longer than usual, or maybe you’re dealing with a tough situation at work. When you get home, though, your dog will be ready to lick your face and do his best to make you feel better. Dogs are the natural pick-me-up that are always ready to help.

7. It’s the Humane Thing to Do

The American Humane Society estimates that animal shelters around the country take care of millions of dogs every year. Half of these pets have to be put down before they can ever find a long-term home.

By adopting a dog, you are simply doing the humane and decent thing. Every time you help one of these loving animals find a place in your home, that is one more animal that can bring joy to your family instead of meeting an untimely end.

If you have the space in your home and the time in your life for a pet, consider going down to your local animal shelter and adopting a dog today. Once you see how great your life is with her as a part of your family, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt her sooner.

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