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5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet on National Pet Day

Established on April 11th, 2005, National Pet Day is an opportunity for individuals to remember how important it is to take the time and pamper their furry companions. It is also a great time to remember the countless homeless pets living in shelters across the country. Many of these shelter pets are perfectly healthy and ready for adoption, while countless others may need medical care and TLC in order to find their forever home. It is estimated that over six hundred fifty shelter animals die every hour in the United States–which adds up to a whopping sixteen thousand animals in a single year. National Pet Day seeks to get more individuals involved in not only caring for their own pets, but considering the shelter pets that also need and deserve love.

How to Pamper Your Pet on National Pet Day

Every pet owner who has developed a deep and loving bond with their pet desires to pamper their pet as much as they can. Unfortunately, it can happen that a well-intentioned pet owner is unaware of how they may be harming their pet when they are simply trying to pamper them. Following are five safe ways to pamper your pet:

1. Spend time with your pet. For most pets, the best reward their owner can give them is some of their time and attention. Not only does this thoroughly pamper your pet, but it helps to build your relationship. Dogs especially view their owners as their pack leader, their protector and their provider, and so they seek to please their owners. Spending time to connect with their owner allows a dog to feel satisfied with and secure in their relationship. Dogs may enjoy playing fetch, participating in training sessions, cuddling and getting belly rubs. Cats may enjoy playing with dangled string, cuddling and being pet or brushed. In cases where you have more than one pet, be sure to give each one their own special attention, catering to their specific needs.

2. Give them healthy and yummy treats. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you should automatically give your pet whatever human foods he may beg for. Human food can be highly dangerous to pets, some more so than others, and should be avoided entirely wherever possible. However, there are many healthy and yummy treat options you can research for your pets to find out what they like. Dogs and cats tend to do very well with treats they can chew on, and you can even find delicious treats that also help to clean their teeth and gums and freshen their breath.

3. Groom them. It may be true that not all pets enjoy a trip to the grooming salon, but most pets absolutely love how they feel after they’ve been groomed. Some grooming can even be done at home, calmly and gently, and in such a way that it is soothing for your pet. Brushing their coat can help to keep both it and their skin healthy and clean, and trimming their nails can help keep walking on any surface more comfortable.

4. Exercise with him. You are often well aware of which sorts of exercise activities are most enjoyable for your pet, whether it’s jogging, hiking, swimming or some other activity. The exercise will not only be good for both you and your pet, it will give you yet another opportunity to pamper him with your time and attention.

5. Get a new toy. Most pets really enjoy receiving a brand-new toy. The smell, sound and sight of the new toy is stimulating and exciting, and it helps to keep their mind busy and engaged. If you aren’t familiar with the type of toy your pet may like best, you can select a few different types, and see which one he is most interested in. It can be highly rewarding, however, to introduce only one new toy at a time, so that they can be rotated and your pocketbook isn’t stretched too far.

There are many other ways you can find to pamper your pet, including massages, pawdicures, pet-friendly yoga classes and much more. The most important thing is to find something enjoyable and safe for both you and your pet.

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