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5 Unique and Beautiful Things About Owning Horses

Horses are beautiful, elegant, sensitive, intelligent and emotional creatures that humans began to interact with and domesticate as early as 4,000 B.C. Where once it was considered that an individual had to be very financially well-off in order to own a horse, it has recently become much more affordable for individuals to own and take care of a horse. However, owning a horse requires a big commitment and the truth is that even the most avid horse lover may find this difficult. That said, there are many unique and beautiful things about owning horses, and many individuals gladly invest their time, emotions and finances into cultivating a wonderful, long-term relationship with their horse.

Unique and Beautiful Things About Owning Horses

Horses can help one learn how to communicate without words. While there is no doubt that words enable individuals to communicate clearly and precisely with others, there is also a lot to be said for the power of nonverbal communications. Sometimes difficult emotions are better expressed nonverbally, and the truth is that a lot can be said by one’s general demeanor and physical motions. Horses can demonstrate this perfectly, as they constantly communicate with their owners.

Owning and caring for a horse improves the individual’s overall health. Spending time with and grooming a horse can cause an individual to relax, which can help to lower their blood pressure. It can also help to improve one’s mood if they spend time alone with this highly sensitive and intelligent animal.

Horse ownership can help an individual build their self-confidence. While riding a horse is definitely a partnership, the simple fact is that someone has to be the leader, and this is usually the owner. Few things are capable of helping an individual build self-confidence better or faster than effectively and precisely controlling the motions of a thousand-pound animal. When one’s horse refuses to follow directions, one must also be responsible for disciplining the animal while maintaining a close bond with him, which can be very empowering.

Taking care of a horse helps to keep one physically fit and active. Tacking up, riding and untacking a horse are obviously physical activities, but so is general horse care. A horse will have to be exercised at all times of the year, in all kinds of weather, and must have a clean stall and fresh food. One thing is quite clear: sedentary lifestyles and horse ownership do not go together.

Working with a horse teaches an individual to be a creative and patient teacher. Some horse owners participate in lessons, but in many cases they are on their own with their horse. They will need to work out how to teach their horse to respond to them as desired, especially when their horse refuses to behave in the same manner they did during the previous day’s “lesson”. A horse will not usually respond to rough, impatient directions, which forces their owner to naturally become more creative and patient – a skill that can carry over into the rest of their life.

National Day of the Horse

The very first National Day of the Horse was recognized by Congress in 2004. The purpose for creating this day was to remind Congress and others in the general population what a horse represents. The noble, intelligent and trusty horse is a living link to the history of the United States, and the simple fact is that the very economy, history and character of our nation would be markedly different without horses. Horses therefore deserve protection and compassion, and they are very willing to share their life and love with their owners in return for loving care.


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