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5 Signs You Have a Happy Cat

Did you know that cats are the most popular pet in America? There is almost one cat for every three people in the US, and these felines can be some of the friendliest members of the family. They need proper care to put their best paw forward, however. Since September is the CATalyst Council’s Happy Cat Month, here are some signs you can look for to determine whether or not you have a happy cat.

Your Cat is Talking to You Through Body Language

Whether your cat is happy or sad, you can probably tell through her body language. Happy cats will look comfortable when they sit, sleep or lie around the house. When they look at you, they will often have a slow blink or keep their eyelids half-closed. This means that your cat is relaxed and happy in her environment.

An unhappy cat might stare at you wide-eyed with raised fur. She will be on her paws, even while lying down, because she might be afraid or anxious and run away at any moment. If your cat is behaving this way, it is worth your time to find out what is wrong.

Sleep Behavior Tells a Lot

When it’s time for your cat to take a nap, does he seek our your lap, or does he hide away in a closet? One way to tell if your cat is happy is the locations he sleeps in. If he seeks your company when going to sleep, this is a sign that he is in a good mood and happy with you. Hiding himself away could mean that there is a problem.

The duration of sleep can also be a major indicator. Unhappy cats might oversleep for long periods of time. While all cats tend to catch a lot of Z’s, sleeping even more than normal could indicate that your cat isn’t feeling well or that something else is going on.

Litter Box Hits and Misses

Cats are generally pretty clean animals. They want a clean place to do their business and will generally use their litter boxes without mishaps. If you find that your kitty is missing the litter box, it could mean that she’s not happy with you.

One of the main reasons for this behavior could simply be that you’re not keeping the little box clean enough. It needs to be scooped out regularly (ideally on a daily basis.) Also, the litter itself should be changed every few weeks. If you’re helping keep the litter box clean, your cat should be very happy with you and make very few mistakes.

If you are keeping the box clean but your cat is making a mess far from the box, this could be an indication of illness or other problems that you should see your vet about.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Cat Happy

There are several simple steps you can take in order to keep your cat happy. The first is to give your kitty a lot of love and affection. Don’t forget about your cat or think that she doesn’t need your attention! Make a point of scratching her head and ears and petting her every day.

Also, give him or her coat a good brushing throughout the summer in order to remove excess fur that can cause her to overheat. Another important health point is to see your vet for regular checkups. Keeping your kitty healthy is one of the very best ways to make sure that she stays happy.

Celebrate Happy Cat Month by looking for these signs and following these tips today.


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