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10 Reasons Wellness Care is Essential to a Healthy and Happy Pet

As with any other problem one may encounter in life, it is far better, easier and cost-effective to prevent pet health issues than it is to resolve them once they’ve arisen. Wellness care plans can provide pets with the exceptional care they need at an affordable price, and are essential to the health and happiness of your beloved furry companion. Here are ten reasons why:

  • Your pet cannot always effectively communicate to you when they feel unwell. And while you may notice some of the obvious physical signs of poor health, their health issues may have been occurring for some period of time before these signs appear. On a wellness care plan, your pet will receive regular physical exams that can help ensure they are doing well, and spot and handle any issues when they first arise and before they have escalated into major health problems.
  • You may learn valuable information about your pet’s diet that you’ve never before considered. Even if you assume that your pet needs a high-quality diet, you may still be making unintentional errors in their food selection or feeding schedule. Certain breeds of animals, and individual animals within those breeds, often do better when they receive very specific types of food and avoid other types of food. Furthermore, how you feed your pet, which includes both the frequency and the volume, can vary and may not even be correctly stated on the back of food packages. Wellness care plans give you an opportunity to work with your vet on designing an exact diet that works ideally to meet your pet’s needs.
  • You understand an appropriate exercise routine for your pet. In many cases, individuals may select a specific pet because they are drawn to that animal. However, different breeds have different exercise and stimulation needs that must be taken into consideration in order to ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Your veterinarian can help you arrange an appropriate exercise routine for your pet that fits your lifestyle, and can be adjusted as needed through the course of your pet’s life.
  • Your pet remains on track for all their recommended and required vaccinations. Without regular wellness care, your pet’s vaccination routine can fall behind, making them susceptible to many of the illnesses that can threaten their health and even their life.
  • Your pet receives regular parasite screenings and treatment. Parasites in your pet can not only threaten their health and happiness, they can threaten your family’s health. However, it may not be easy to determine whether your pet has parasites until they have grown to dangerous levels, and regular wellness care can help detect and handle them early.
  • Your pet’s dental health is checked and resolved as needed. Just as your dental health is vitally important to your overall health, your pet’s dental health is also vitally important to their overall health. Your veterinarian will be able to help you maintain your pet’s good dental health, and take care of more extensive problems as they arise.
  • Your pet’s behavior can be assessed to determine if there may be some related health issues that, when resolved, will help improve their overall demeanor. Veterinarians may also have training suggestions to help you through difficult behavior issues with your pet.
  • Your pet receives regular nail trimming. It can become uncomfortable for your pet if their nails grow too long, and home trimming may be a difficult or entirely impossible process that can be replaced through regular wellness care at your veterinarian’s office.
  • Your pet receives valuable heartworm prevention. Heartworms can be one of the most dangerous things that threaten your pet’s health and life, and regular heartworm prevention can be made easy and simple through wellness care.
  • Your pet receives important flea control. Imagine the irritation, pain and discomfort of constantly scratching at fleas. Regular flea control through wellness care can help your pet remain comfortable, happy and flea-free.

Many veterinary clinics offer different levels of wellness care services on different wellness plans, often largely dependent on your pet’s age and overall health condition. They can help you find the wellness care plan that is best suited to your pet’s needs and your budget, and you can begin reaping the rewards of a more fulfilling, healthy relationship with your pet.

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