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Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Carolyn grew up in her parents’ home in Brookfield, and her extended family would always joke that the house was like a zoo: they lived with two dogs, a pair of cats, a guinea pig, two ferrets, a hamster, six parakeets, and multiple tanks full of fish! Carolyn has been caring for animals all her life, and working in the veterinary profession was simply the perfect fit—that’s why she became a Veterinary Assistant.

Carolyn attended Triton College to study nursing, but started to feel that something was missing as her first semester wrapped up. That’s when she decided to adjust her path and begin studying animal medicine; Carolyn couldn’t be happier to satisfy her medical interests and her passion for pets at the same time! She joined the team here at Animal Health Care in October of 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant, and hasn’t looked back since.

Medically, Carolyn enjoys cardiology cases—she’s fascinated by the inner workings of the heart!—and also loves to learn more about various animal species and behaviors. Her favorite part of every shift, though, is getting to spend time caring for animals alongside a team of talented, compassionate professionals just like herself.

Aside from her interests in veterinary care, Carolyn is an avid painter and loves using oils and acrylics; she most often finds herself painting landscape scenes or animals. She lives with her boyfriend, Rob, and their two guinea pigs: Mocha, who loves to beg for treats and squeak loudly whenever a plastic bag is crinkled; and the more reserved Ruby, who likes to nudge her owners’ hands away when she’s petted too close to her nose.

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